Emma Goodwin Studio-M Design


After studying Fine Art at university, I moved to London to work as an Art Director in Film and TV, creating working drawings for the Construction department to build the sets from. Previous films include Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, Batman:The Dark Knight Rises, Marvels’ Guardians Of The Galaxy & Avengers: Age Of Ultron and the recent Murder On The Orient Express. Many elements of the set build were created using CNC and laser cutting techniques and it is through this that I found a love of Laser cutting.

Having started a family and moved back home to my beloved Yorkshire, I decided to buy a laser cutter to create my own designs and artwork and to also create personalised pieces and commissions. I’ve created work for Disney, Warner Bros., CBOE London and TI Media to name a few.

My love of line drawing and skills as a draughtsman allow me to really explore the intricate process of laser cutting & etching and I become more enthralled every time I turn a precious place or moment into a personalised keepsake. I begin each piece as a line drawing, either in pencil or on my computer. I then use the lines to map out a path for the laser to cut or etch the wood. I love to use wood as it is such a warm yet strong material. The surface pattern changes every time time I get a new batch, therefore the product feels like it is evolving and means each piece is a complete one off. I love the smell of it too, especially after the laser has cut or etched it.

Using quality materials in my work also means that my pieces are long lasting and durable yet where possible I use recyclable, natural materials. I also use a minimal amount of plastic in my design where possible and use recyclable materials for all packaging.