Creating the Wedding LOVE sign

In the summer of 2015, I was given the important job of creating some dressing pieces for my little sister's wedding day! Michelle & James tied the knot in August at the incredible Walton Castle, which provided a very dramatic backdrop for some big bright L O V E letters.

Starting on the computer, I was able to draw the letters at full scale and prepare them ready for the shapes to be CNC cut out of 8' x 4' sheets of mdf. I visited the wonderful FabLAB Airedale and was shown how to use the CNC machinery, in order to create the shapes.

Michelle asked me to match the colours of the paint for the letters to tie in with her theme colours for the wedding. She had a very vibrant colour palette chosen with a fun, carnival vibe, and we thought the letters would compliment this theme nicely!

We decided to try a test with letters trimmed with white, but soon decided that black would make the text stand out more against the stone backdrop of the castle. I used a mixture of acrylic with emulsion to get strong colours to grab attention of the wedding guests.

On the wedding day, it was lovely to see everyone having photographs taken against the large signage and interacting with the pieces and made a great backdrop for this shot by Andy Gaines Photography.