CBOE Art work Commission 2018


In September 2017 I took part in my 3rd Nunhead Art Trail, exhibiting with 3 other of my artist friends, whom I also share at Studio with at Bainbridge Studios, West Norwood.

On the first day, I was approached by a visitor Lindsey Praechter, who had come especially to our venue to view my work, having seen it in the catalogue. We had a brief discussion about my Laser cut Architectural panels, featuring different abstracted views of London and the London Skyline and she inquired as to whether I could make the piece any bigger than the A3 pieces I was exhibiting.

Over the next few months, I was invited to Lindsey’s work place in Monument, London to view her offices and show some of my artwork to the managing director of the company, CBOE.

I was invited to undertake a commission where I agreed to create each of my pieces 4 x larger than my original size and to create another 3 new framed designs to add to the collection. At the original meeting I showed them a piece of laser cut work that I produced of the London Skyline that has laser cut layers of coloured card arranged to create a 3d view of the cityscape. The original piece measures about 150mm in length and I was asked to create a new version of this measuring over 2.1m in wood!!

Having a background in Set Design for Film, meant that I had lots of experience surveying spaces, so was able to collect some measurements of the offices for Lindsey, to ensure that the pieces fit in and could be supported by the existing walls. This was the biggest worry throughout the commission, was making the piece measuring 2.1m in length and weighing 60KG! We had to consult a structural engineer in order to ensure that the walls would take the piece and I had to incorporate a hidden hanging mechanism so that the piece could be safely wall mounted without compromising the design.

I start my design process by photographing various views and landmarks of London and while photographing, I try to orientate the camera to capture interesting and different perspectives, focusing on the shapes of the structure and detail rather that the overall building. I then take the photographs and draw from them, creating simple, bold and v abstract shapes and patterns. Influenced by Artists such as Malevich, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Newman, Rothko, and The Bauhaus & Abstract Expressionist movements, I like to focus on block colour and abstraction to sit against the structural patterns of the laser cut wood.  I use wood as it is such a warm material, and changes with each batch, making each piece rather individual.

With lots of help from my wonderful husband and family, I created and installed 10 framed pieces in total and one large free hanging skyline piece for the CBOE Boardroom. See photos, By Roger Cannon.

Creating this body of work for Lindsey was very challenging, scary at times but incredibly rewarding. To see all the artwork in its new home, made me very proud and made me push the limits of what I thought i could achieve as an artist. I would never had had this opportunity without exhibiting at Nunhead Art Trail. A small community organising this every year is a superb opportunity for local artists to get their work out there, without having to pay a high price in exhibition fees. Its a great way to meet other artists in the neighbourhood and network with like minded people, and you never know who will walk through the door!

Sadly I can’t take part this year as I will have a new born baby, but I hope to return in 2019. I am exhibiting at Bainbridge Studios, West Norwood as part of the Dulwich Artists Open House festival 12/13 & 19/20 May 2018.

Testimonial, March 2018, Lindsey Praechter:

"We are a City-based financial services company that moved into a new office in 2017. We were looking for eye-catching artwork with a mix of natural elements, depth and bold colours to finish off the space and design. We could not have asked for a better end-to-end experience.

We needed a few new pieces created, so we didn’t duplicate in our space, including a large installation for our boardroom. The design process was collaborative and produced a new favourite piece for me. New pieces were developed to fit the space with expediency and without sacrificing creativity and quality.

The installation process was thorough and well-organised. It began long before the actual installation date with measurements and drawings to make sure all went smoothly on the day. Having the team install instead of hiring outside contractors made it seamless and cost-efficient. Having that level of structural expertise along with artistry is extremely rare. It also speaks to the high level professionalism and communication that Emma provides.

We are proud to exhibit and very much enjoy Emma’s artwork in our office."